Straight Hair Wig With Bangs For Girls

Straight Hair Wig With Bangs For Girls

Super Straight Wig (Burgundy)

This burgundy lace front wig has a straight hair texture, which is best for cosplays and parties. The burgundy color suits most skin tones, diversifying the market potential. The wig is made from hair obtained from humans. As a result you’ll get a natural touch and feel when wearing this wig. It’s gentle to your head and soft on your body upon touch. Women who want to style their hair without actually getting their hair colored shall go for this product.

Length Details & Color Guide

There are several lengths available that range from 10 inches to 26 inches. The color code is 99J#, which is required at the time of purchase. The original burgundy color won’t fade with time since it’s been treated to remain on the hair forever.

Features Highlight

A few product highlights include:

  • Straight hair texture, soft and silky touch
  • Multiple hair lengths at an increment of 2 inches are available
  • The wig cap’s size is 22.5 inches
  • This wig has a density of 150%
  • Hair material is 100% human hair, which leaves no odor
  • The wig won’t tangle or shed so easily

Burgundy Wavy Hair Wig Short Length

This is a wavy hair wig in burgundy. The wavy style makes it an ideal option to wear in public on a daily routine. Burgundy color is loved and liked by all people and fits most skin tones. As a result, women can easily wear it in public without looking different. The waves add to the aesthetic appeal and overall appearance of a lady.

Length Chart

Lengths start from 10 inches and go up to 26 inches. The increment is every 2 inches and the color code is 99J#, which you’ll need when checking out.

Ideal Features You Must Learn

  • The sellers accept all major debit and credit cards including PayPal for the payment.
  • All the payments are made in advance and complete payment is required to start processing the order.

Burgundy Hair Wig With Bangs (Straight)

This straight burgundy hair wig comes with bangs, which will help you achieve a cute Asian look. The bangs cover eyebrows, which you can cut it needed. Keeping the hair open when worn will give you an outstanding look. The wig is made from original hair procured from the humans.

Detailed Length Guide

Burgundy hair wig lengths begin from 8 inches, which is essentially a bob cut and reach up to 26 inches. The 26 inches hair wig should reach your waist or past your waist.

Product Details, Features, and Highlights

  • No tangling, no shedding
  • Easily washable
  • Air-dry or dry with a blower
  • Avoid washing in hot water and/or in a washing machine
  • Wig density is 150%
  • Each wig ships in a plastic bag along with an outer packing

Shipping & Return Policy

The shipping policy ensures dispatching the goods in no more than 2 days. Although, Sundays and Holidays will delay the dispatch as the warehouses remain closed that time. Any product with the manufacturing defect will be eligible only for replacements and no returns are currently being accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we wash the wig in the washing machines?

Absolutely not. Do not wash them in the washing machine or else all the hair will shed.

How long can a wig last?

A wig can last several years depending on how well you care and maintain it.