Should Install garage door Strut 16 ft Or Replace Garage Door Section?

Should Install garage door Strut 16 ft Or Replace Garage Door Section?

A Garage Door Strut is an engineered metal piece that extends from the hinge of the panel to the opposite frame that aids in strengthening and increasing rigidity of the panel. Some garage doors today have a strut projecting from the top of the garage door, and they usually come with the door. In this case, as- well as to support the door during open and closing, the strut running on top section is used.

Most of the time, professionals are called in to fix a garage door struts 16 foot or the garage door that is guying down or is crooked. This may be the result of a number of situations like by incidentally driving your car into the door of the garage. Sometimes we might implant a strut to make the bent and stressed garage door section straighter and more sustainable. The strut is now in place and will support the garage door during the opening and closing motions, ensuring that it does not sag or bind in any way.

Assessing Serious Damage In Garage Door Panels

Once the panel is damaged seriously or when the steel has some tears, most often the replacement of the garage door section is better as long as the manufacturer and model numbers can be found and the section is available.

The garage door often has initial stickers on the side with the manufacturer's name and a model number. The absence of the manufacturer's name might make it cumbersome to find the model number or maker. Usually, companies will come across the model number and the manufacturer either the stickers are available or not.

Considerations When Installing a 16 Ft Strut

It is important to confirm garage door balance once you set a strut because this will prevent injuries and door damage. One way putting a 16 ft strut in a garage door is adding to it weight; with the new weight you may need to adjust or replace the spring (s) to fit that amount of weight. For example: A 16 foot strut has a weight about 12-15 pounds which is the minimum load for which it needs to be adjusted and replace the spring(s) is usually not uncommon.

Installing a Strut In Damaged Garage Door Sections

Often, for this particular case, we also need to install a 16 ft strut in the damage section of the garage door to ensure that it is rigid and correctly secured by the appropriate structural support. However, this is only a temporary fix and the panel is likely to fail. The garage door may shut off and does not need to be replaced, the strut can significantly reduce the lifetime of the door.

The strut is intended to merely give pause for the time it takes for the damaged parts to give way which would be of a much shorter duration than the more minor problem. While deciding whether one should go for a 16 strut or a new section or door, length of time perished to be increased also should be considered.


To sum up, when we are to choose between the replacements of garage door strut of 16-foot size and broken down section, it is necessary to examine the intensity of the damage as well as consider the long-term implications. It should be recognized that the strut may prevent a partial collapse, but, in principle, it can only postpone the inevitable complete failure of the panel. In most cases when a strut is used, it works on the minor damage which in turn prolongs its life.