Maintenance Of Your Pressure Washer

Maintenance Of Your Pressure Washer

As humans, we wish to get the optimum value of every product we purchase as far as its ability to stand the test of time is concerned. We all want our machines not to get spoiled to serve their purpose for a long time. The same goes with a pressure washer; every home using a pressure washer would like to keep their house clean with the help of the pressure washer as long as they can.

The lifespan of every machine depends on how it is maintained. Therefore, the regular maintenance of your pressure washer will ensure the certainty of using your washer for a long time. Furthermore, prolonging the life of your pressure washer allows you to keep your environment dirt-free. This article will be highlighting some maintenance tips to keep your pressure washer running and help avoid more extensive problems that may occur in the future.


Basically,  there are three aspects to maintaining a pressure washer. First is the maintenance done before use,  followed by the one done during service and then after use. It is advisable to switch off the appliance before carrying out any maintenance work on it.

  • Before use: It is advisable to always check the water inlet filter for any sign of dirt that might be in it. Doing this before using the machine ensures that it is not damaged by dirt stored up in the filter. Checking the nozzle of the pressure washer for any dirt or blockage also helps in keeping the machine in perfect working condition. And this can be done by trying on the washer with the lance disconnected, squeezing the trigger until the nozzle releases water, and this is repeated till the water flow is constant.
  • During use: To protect your machine against fire caused by electrical faults and reduce the risk of electrocution, it is strongly advised to use an RCD (residual current device) whenever we use our pressure washer. Making use of your machine when there is a damaged cable is strongly advised against it, and also, we must ensure that our cable connection does not lie on the water when our appliance is being used.
  • After use: It is essential to adopt the habit of cleaning your pressure washer after usage to ascertain that the leftover water in the machine does not host bacteria or fungi, which could cause grave health problems in the future. Also,  a few months after the pressure washer has been purchased and used,  it is also advised to change some essential components of the machine. Features like the hose,  pipes, and connectors will be changed, leaving the engine in excellent and long-lasting condition.


Performing these maintenance routines regularly and appropriately can help avoid bigger problems that most people experience when using the pressure washer. Taking care of your pressure washer by maintaining it can go a long way in ensuring that you get the full value of your money as your machine works perfectly for a long period of time.