How to Clean Swimming Pool Tiles with a Pressure Washer?

How to Clean Swimming Pool Tiles with a Pressure Washer?

Keeping your swimming pools clean is a necessity. It is highly important to clean your swimming pools regularly to avoid repairs with hefty costs and to maintain good hygiene. Cleaning a swimming pool can be a big task, but it can get easier with the right tools and techniques. So, to keep the tiles of your swimming pool squeaky clean, you should take help from a pressure washer. A pressure washer is a tool used to clean the surface with intense pressure, removing all the dirt and germs. You can get the best pressure washers from the website of Giraffe Tools. You can check the website as it will show more of the options available for the best pressure washers in the market.

Keep reading this article for more information about how to clean your swimming pool tiles with a pressure washer.

Step-By-Step Process of Clean Swimming Pool Tiles With A Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer for cleaning the pool is said to be the most beneficial way of cleaning. But some safety measures and several steps are necessary to clean a swimming pool with the help of a pressure washer. To know about these steps, keep reading the list below.

· The first and foremost thing you need to do before cleaning is to wear the protective kit, which includes the clothes and the shoes.

· As a second step, you need to set up the pressure washer near your poolside area.

· Now clear the area around the pool.

· It would help if you start cleaning the small areas as it is an effective technique.

· Make sure you start with lower pressures.

· Now you are suggested to increase the pressure for the next step as it needs critical cleaning.

· At this point, you can remove the dust and dirt particles from the surface of the tiles.

· You will need to use different sizes of nozzles and additional pressure for the smaller areas with stubborn stains.

· You can manage the 7th step as per your requirements.

· As the last step, you must switch off the pressure washer and remove it from the poolside.

After the cleaning process is complete, you will have to drain the remaining water from the pool to clear out the chances of any residual dirt.

Tips To Clean Your Swimming Pool With A Pressure Washer

Several tips can be helpful for you while washing your pool tiles with a pressure washer. Below is the list of these tips to make your cleaning day easier.

· Never use detergent while cleaning your swimming pool as it can become dangerous for the swimmers.

· Try to wash your swimming pool tiles with hot water or steam from the pressure washer as it is more efficient.

· Always stand 3 feet back while cleaning your pool as it is a rule of thumb for safety purposes.

· Make sure you do not get water into the wires.

· Last but not least, keep your children away while cleaning the tiles of your swimming pool as it can become hazardous and prone to any accident.

Wrap Up

Using a pressure washer is the most effective and efficient technique that can save time and effort while cleaning the swimming pool tiles as it does not need a tiring workforce and can do the job nicely. So, if you have been procrastinating about cleaning your pool, it is your sign to get a pressure washer from Giraffe tools and clean your swimming pool as soon as possible. We really hope this article was of help. Happy reading!