Common Mistakes When choosing a shower head

Common Mistakes When choosing a shower head

We focus on the wrong things when we are picking the shower heads in our homes. For some people, they buy shower heads when they have spent a lot of money, and they end up buying a mediocre ones. Without a doubt, there is nothing wrong with a gold shower head or Buying something because it looks nice. However, it is crucial to focus on the functionality of these shower heads, as against the beauty of the product. Shower heads may be nice when you look at them, but if they are not functional, you will not like them. In this guide, we will go over some common mistakes made when choosing a shower head.

Not considering bathroom size

The size of your bathroom plays a huge role in the functionality of your shower head. If your bathroom has a small size, you will need a shower head that occupies a small space and still be convenient for you to bathe. If the bathroom size is big, then you can choose the most complex type of shower head because of the space.

Neglecting your bathing habits

A shower head can be beautiful, no doubts. But before its beauty, it must be functional. For a shower head to be functional, it means the users are at the points of their needs. The way you love to have your bath must determine the type of shower head. If you love a lot of water the whole you bathe, you can opt for the waterfall shower heads. If you love to clean every corner of your body, then maybe the handheld shower heads will do it.

Neglecting expert advice

Lastly, the biggest mistake anyone trying to buy a shower head for themselves is neglecting an expert. Experts knows a lot about showerhead. By studying the bathroom and asking a few questions, an expert is already aware of the type of shower head they need to buy. More so, they can tell the difference between an original shower head and a fake one. If you go independently, you may never see a shower head of that nature.


If we take a survey of different homeowners and ask them if they remember how they bought their shower heads, they will most likely not remember. Of course, we do not expect every homeowner to remember how they bought all items. But the truth is, most, if not all, homeowners do not bother about their shower heads as much as they bother about other parts of the home. This neglect will lead to a lot of mistakes when choosing a shower head, some of which have been discussed in this article above. With this artical, hope you can buy the one that suits you best.